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Among all of the famous scenic spots in China,the Yangtze River is the most well-known both at home and abroad.The mighty Yangtze,also called Chang Jiang in China,is the third largest river in the world.At 6,300 kilometers,the Yangtze River runs across many provinces and cities in China,which makes it to be regarded as the "mother river" by the Chinese people.This extensive waterway cuts through the heart of China,and is regarded as by the Chinese as marking the division of their country into north and south,both geographically and culturally.The Yangtze River rises in the far western part of China and flows through eight provinces before disgorging its waters into the Yellow Sea.Over 700 tributaries draining a further six provinces join the Yangtze along its course.
And also,along the Yangtze River,the Three Gorges is the most famous scenic spot.It is Started from the White King City of Fengjie to the Nanjing Pass of Yichang,including Qutang Gorge,Wu Gorge and Xiling Gorge,which is 193 kilometers long in all.There are also most of natural and cultural scenic spots along the Yangtze Three Gorges,which makes it to be very interesting to tourists both in China and overseas.
At the same time,the construction of the Three Gorges Project makes the ancient and magic Yangtze Three Gorges more active.Three Gorges Project is the largest hydro-electric project in the world at present scale.As the construction of the Three Gorges Project,the water level rises,made the existing wonder more worth seeing as it turned water into green-clearly color,wider passage,mountains and gorges remained tall and pround.Tourism experts pronounced that the new Three Gorges look even better and without a doubt most fascinating than ever.
Along the Yangtze River,there are many cruises but the following Yangtze Series Fleet are the best you should choose. At the moment, they have the best reception ability,the largest construction scale,the most completest service facilities, the highest-quality service. These cruises provide English service during the whole journey,comfortable guest cabins,chinese-style delicious dishes,interesting entertainments and excursions of classic Three Gorges.Our arragement and service are highly appraised by tourists at home and abroad,and also regarded as the best Three Gorges Tourism Itinerary by the China Tourism Bureau.The staff on board all have best quality and are very careful and hospital,all of this will give you a happy journey.

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