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Dear Felix,
I am not sure if I have given you feedback on the Xinjiang travel regarding the train ride from Suzhou to Shanghai on September 29th.
We would like to mention an improvement that you can consider in the future:
Our train has left Suzhou at 5:00 in the morning and our flight for Xi'an left at 8:00.
We think that it needs at least 4 hours for leaving Suzhou and being on the airplane. It takes 2 hours to go from Suzhou railway station to Shanghai Pudong Airport. IF you want to be at the airport on time, it should be about 1,5 -2 hours earlier.
We arrived at the right terminal arount 7:15 which we think was pretty late.
It was still ok to check in but we were pretty nervous before if we can make it on time.
Do you know what I mean?
Just as a hint for future tourists from Suzhou to Shanghai :-)
We had a wonderful travel to Xinjiang and we enjoyed it very much. Especially the tour guides were very good (Our tour guide Adil in Kashgar was awesome! He showed us Kashgar in a very impressive way and we loved it.)
Thanks for this wonderful travel and your great trip planning!
Best regards
Christiane und Christoph
Siemens Nanjing

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