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Hello Felix,

I want to thank you again for your great efforts on my trip to Datong, which is really uncomparable. What you've done is perfect in every aspect. We have enjoyed a brilliant weekend in Datong and everything has been completed wonderfully.  Without your organization, this trip could not be expected, Thank you very much!

Now, I am planning with a friend (and possibly two other friends) again for another trip, but I know this is after only a short time, and you probably want to ask whether that's still possible.

I am looking forward to hear from you,
Lots of greetings,
German embassy, Beijing


Jana Kumpf

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Hello Ni Wei, 
I would like to thank you in the name of our group, for the very good organization of the trip once again. All worked out smoothly and everyone had lots of fun during the trip. Particular thanks for helping us searching the suitcase last evening, for the spontaneous organization of the Peking opera and the visit of the Olympia basement. 
Best regards, 
Jana Kumpf

Ina & Stefan

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Dear Felix, 
In this way, Ina and I would like to thank you quite heartily for the great vacation in Yunnan and Tibet! 
It really worked out very well and we will recommend your agency to others very happily! 
In the enclosure, you can find a couple of photos of the Xiongbala hotel which was not in any good condition. 
Also a photo of us both at the base camp, as a memory for this great time! 
Thanks again, 
Ina & Stefan
Siemens Nanjing 
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