Medical and Health

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Medical and Health

There are lots of matters requiring attention when travelling, health protection is one of them, to have a good time, it is important to keep fit both physically and mentally, here are some suggestions as follows:

Protect yourself from cold: The weather is very changable in spring and autumn. Don't take off too many clothes and take umbrella with you in spring. The temperature of daytime and night is much different in autumn, make sure you have enough clothes; especially when you are overage, your immunity and disease resistant ability become weakened. Don't stay out in the wind for a long time.

Stay in comfortable, quiet room: To sleep soundly for at least 6~8 hours every day,as poor sleep would make you tired, weak and even sick. Pay attention to food hygiene: To prevent constipation, you'd better take light foods, vegetable and fruit, Your digestion slows down without enough activity, don't eat too much when you are traveling by train, plane or boat, otherwise your stomach will be over-burden. Don't drink water directly fron the fountain, pool and river. Have your meals in the hotel restaurant where you stay as much possible as you can. If you eat out, you'd better choose a good and clean restaurant. Don't make yourself too tired: Travel according to your capability, don't go beyond what you can. Try your best to keep normal routine Chinese public health departments at all levels conscientiously pursue the principle of putting prevention first. Active steps are taken to prevent and, if necessary, treat contagious, endemic, parasitic and other diseases. Active measures have been adopted for promoting immunization programs. Inoculation of children has successfully controlled the incidence of measles, polio, diphtheria, whooping cough and epidemic encephalitis B. The incidence of these diseases and the death rate of children from them have dropped greatly.

At present, disease prevention and treatment and patriotic hygiene work are making great progress. As a result, the health of all China’s citizens has greatly improved since 1949, and the average life expectancy has increased from 35 to 70. Today, the main causes of death are malignant tumors, cerebrovascular diseases and heart diseases, which are typical causes of death in developed countries. Relevant research institutes and medical organizations are currently actively pursuing better methods for the prevention and treatment of these diseases, while monitoring the incidence and infection trends of epidemic diseases in both China and foreign countries.

In the past 50 years marked achievements have been made in disease prevention and treatment in China. Prevention from reaction to the altitude on the plateau: Visiting the Tibet region, tourists should be careful about plateau reaction. When you are touring and learning local customs, you will realize it is hard for you to breathe because of low pressure and thin air. This is so-called reaction to altitude. In general, the tourists from the low altitude to plateau can emerge this sort of reaction: dizzy, thirsty, nervous, pasting, heart beat fast and nose bleeding and muscle pain. How can you get used to the environment of plateau? Climbing the mountains or hiking is not allowed to go fast, don't take too much luggage. Do less strenuous exercises. Be careful to keep warm, avoid having a red throat and imposing pressure upon the heart and lung. Come over the nervous feeling. Eat more vegetable and fruit when entering Tibet. The more you are nervous, the more you tend to emerge the plateau reaction. If you travel the plateau for your first time, you get ready to experience first. If you have heart disease, high blood pressure, or asthma, it is not suitable for you to travel plateau. You'd better take oxygen bag just in case if you are in a weak condition. As soon as plateau reaction happens, you have to stop traveling and take oxygen at once. If you have slight reaction, you can recover quickly after breathing oxygen. But when you have serious reaction, please go to the hospital located at the region of low altitude, when the situation is stable, be careful to keep you in good condition and avoid geeting worse.