Chenghuang Temple 城隍庙

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Chenghuang Temple 城隍庙

Chenghuang Temple is a center for traditional Chinese food and great deals. It is filled with cheap shops selling all kinds of goodies and treasures. Pretty much anyone who goes to Shanghai makes a trip to Chenghuang Temple. The architecture is that of traditional Chinese temples.  Be sure to try the famous Shanghai Steamed Soup Buns as well as shop at the old antiques market filled with great bargains. However, it helps to know a little Chinese when bargaining. If you do agree on a price, keep in mind that most of the stores only accept cash although some vendors are starting to accept major credit cards to cater to the huge number of foreigners shopping there.  The traditional teahouse at Yuyuan Garden serves tiny cups of fragrant tea that you can sip while sitting on rickety wooden stools. From there you can get a great view of the gardens. For food be sure to try Old Town Snack Optional Palace, opposite the teahouse. It is a huge cafeteria serving over a hundred inexpensive dishes - dumplings and noodles for 5-10 RMB, crab and snails for 15-25 RMB. For dessert, you can stop by the nearby Starbucks or Haagen Dazs. 
Address Fangbang Zhong Road and Fuyou Road
Opening Hours: 09:00 to 18:00 Best Time: Mornings (10 a.m. to noon), and weekends
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