Expo 2010 Shanghai China Austrian Pavilion 享受世博园 享受奥地利馆音乐美食

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Expo 2010 Shanghai China Austrian Pavilion 享受世博园 享受奥地利馆音乐美食
Journey to Music & Delicacies
Enjoy Expo 2010 Shanghai China, Enjoy Austrian Pavilion Musical Delicacies
The Styrian restaurateur Ewald Pörsch could be enlisted as restaurant partner. Pörsch is executive chef and manager of Ewald’s Restaurant and Café in Shanghai (www.ewalds-restaurant.com).
享受世博园 享受奥地利馆音乐美食
来自施蒂里亚的美食大师Ewald Pörsch赢得了奥地利餐厅合作伙伴的资格。
Pörsch先生是Ewald’s餐厅和上海Ewald’s Café的合伙人

If you want to get to know Austria through all five senses, please make sure not to miss out on Austrian cuisine. Experience the ultimate sensation of taste! In the pavilion's restaurant visitors are offered the opportunity to experience Austria in a culinary way. Typical regional culinary treats in combination with the characteristic Austrian hospitality turn the visit of the restaurant into an unforgettable overall experience. On an area of about 380m2 we offer Austrian delicacies as well as Austrian sorts of wine and beer. Austrian living standard and quality there find their expression by means of quality and pleasure. Whether it is a quick lunch or a 3-course dinner - the Austrian restaurant will leave nothing to be desired. The bar area of the restaurant may accommodate guests who want to take a coffee in passing or meet for a drink in the evening.
为了让客人们全方位的体验奥地利,奥地利美食也是奥地利馆必不可少的部分。 在我们的餐厅里,参观者将有机会品尝到地道的奥地利佳肴。我们的地道美食与热情好客一定会让您印象深刻。在380 平方米的餐厅里,我们将提供奥地利特产以及当地的葡萄酒与啤酒。高品质的享受一定会让您回味无穷。 无论是快捷的午饭或者正式的晚餐,奥地利餐厅能满足各式愿望。 并且餐厅的吧台区也能为您提供小憩时的咖啡与晚上小酌时的酒水。
 "I look forward to being granted the chance to entertain guests from China and all other participating countries in the pavilion's restaurant with typical Austrian delicacies. The EXPO offers the rather unique opportunity to promote and advertise Austrian cuisine all over the world. The highest standard of quality and excellent service, for me, are a matter of course." “我很高兴可以在展馆的餐厅里用地道奥地利美食招待来自中国和其他参展国家的 客人。世博会为奥地利美食在全世界发扬光大提供了绝无仅有的机会。我们将竭诚 提供优质的美食和完美的服务。”

In the summer months the comfortable outdoor dining area of the restaurant invites the guests to stay and enjoy.

Restaurant: 150 seats
Bar: 30 seats
Outdoor dining area: 50 seats


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