Jade Buddha Temple (Yufosi) 玉佛寺

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Jade Buddha Temple (Yufosi) 
Built in 1881, the temple is located at eh intersection of Anyuan road and Jiangning Road. It is called Jade Buddha because it contains two Buddha statues carved out of white jade. Rebuilt in 1918, the temple consists of the Amitabha Hall (Mituodian), the Grand Hall (Daxiongbaodian), the Hall of Three Sages (Sanshengdian), and the Jade Buddha Tower (Yufolou). The last-mentioned is located in a courtyard, and visitors must exchange their street shoes for a pair of clean slippers before entry is allowed. Inside the central alcove is a sitting statue of the Jade Buddha, 1.9 meters in height, radiant, and solemn. In the story below is the recumbent Buddha, carved out of white jade; lying on a wooden couch and supporting his head with one hand, he keeps his eyes open and looks serene. According to legends, both statues were shipped to Shanghai from Burma by the monks of Mount Putuo.
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