Haikou 海口



Haikou is known also as the Coconut City and is the capital of China's second largest island, Hainan Province. Rich in tradition and alive with its own unique culture, Haikou is truly a "must-see" destination. There are tropical beaches, world-class hotels, historical points of interest, as well as a wide range of excellent restaurants offering up endless choices in local, regional and international cuisine. Also on tap are great shopping opportunities and inviting nightlife. Haikou is very much the product of its location as a strategic gateway at the mouth of the Nandu River on Hainan Island's northern coast. It was first opened as a trading port in the late Qing Dynasty, yet Haikou today remains a busy commercial hub and is frequently viewed as part of the Greater Haikou Area made up of the cities of Haikou and Qiongshan as well as their surrounding districts. Haikou has evolved from a simple sightseeing city to an attractive seaside resort and business center. The services for visitors to the city are being extended with the goal of establishing the city as southern China's key center for tourism.

Top Attractions in Haikou are Hairui Tomb, Five Officials Temple, and Qiujun Tomb.

Must-see Attractions:
Tomb of Hai Rui 
This tomb rests at Binya Village, Xiuying District, Haikou. Born in Qiongshan, Hai Rui was an upright minister during the mid-Ming Dynasty. Highly principled and outspoken, he was called “Lord Bao of the South”. (Lord Bao is the revered name of Bao Zheng, an official of the Song Dynasty who was famous for his honesty in performing official duties, justice in enforcing the law, and bravery in defying influential officials.) The tomb was built in 1589, the 17th year of Emperor Wanli’s reign during the Ming Dynasty. In front of the main gate of the cemetery stands a high memorial archway on which four big red characters, “Righteousness in Eastern Guangdong (Yuedong Zhengqi)”, were horizontally cut in intaglio. The 100-plus-meter-long passage to the grave is exclusively paved with white marble. Three more archways stand over the passage, and on both sides of it are stone sculptures of sheep, horses, lions, tortoises and human figures guarding the grave. With a dome-like top, the grave is built on a hexagon base in front of which stands a four-meter-high stone tablet. The inscription of the tablet was written by Xu Ziwei who supervised the tomb’s construction. Exuberant pines, cypresses, bamboo and coconut trees shield the cemetery all year around. And the exhibition room helps deepen the tourists’ understanding of this outstanding official in Chinese history. 

China Town
Located at Haikou, China Town is a five-storied complex with a floor-space of 43,000 square meters. The town has many functions rolled into one. In it there are clusters of markets, coffee bars, cafeterias, beer salons, and restaurants serving wild game, seafood, Sichuan chafing dishes and Chaozhou local dishes. There is also a square of night delicacies. In addition, there is kaleidoscopic world of entertainment composed of nightclubs, a discotheque, beauty parlor, sauna bath center, bowling center, electronic entertainment center and Children Amusement World.

Dongzhai Mangrove Natural Reserve 东寨港红树林自然保护区
Dongzhai Mangrove Natural Reserve is the biggest swamp forest in China, measuring about 50 miles long and covering an area of roughly 4,000 square kilometers.

Wuzhi Mountain五指山
Wuzhi Mountain, which literally means Five Finger Mountain in Mandarin, is the symbol of Hainan. The mountain has been recognized by the International Tourism Organization for its supreme natural scenery, comprising one of the few surviving natural rainforests in the world today.

Holiday Beach假日海滩
Holiday Beach, located in the west of Haikou, is a must-see destination for those visiting the city. Holiday Beach is a major recreational resort, is about 6 kilometers

Nantai Crocodile Lake Zoo南泰鳄鱼湖动物园
Located 20 kilometers to the west of Haikou, the Nantai Crocodile Zoo is an impressive facility occupying over 133,000 square meters. The facility is home to over 10,000 crocodiles and features a Crocodile Show Center as well as Tiger and Elephant shows.

Nanli Lake南丽湖
Nanli Lake is located about 40 kilometers (24.85 miles) from Haikou, in Ding'an County. The beautiful and relaxing Nanli Lake is made up of many small islands and peninsulas, covering 46 square kilometers (11,367 acres).
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