Haikou Wuzhi Mountain 五指山

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Wuzhi Mountain五指山

Wuzhi Mountain, which literally means Five Finger Mountain in Mandarin, is the symbol of Hainan. The mountain has been recognized by the International Tourism Organization for its supreme natural scenery, comprising one of the few surviving natural rainforests in the world today. The mountain range lies in the center of Hainan and extends southwards. Wuzhi Mountain is the highest peak, with an altitude of 1,867meters (6,125 feet). The mountain owes its name to its formation, as the overall shape extends like an open hand. Locals say that this is the hand of Sakyamuni and that the legendary Monkey King cannot escape from its control. The first finger of the five peaks reaches a height of over 1,300 meters (4,265 feet). The second finger is the highest of all five, at 1,876 meters (6,155 feet). There is a natural bridge formed by a huge rock which links the two peaks. Both peaks are accessible and you can climb to the misty top for a bird's eye view of the scenery below.  Wuzhi Mountain also has verdant rainforest. The abundant water resources feed groups of waterfalls, the most impressive being the Wuzhi Mountain Waterfall located on the north face of the first peak. This massive waterfall has a height of 1,000 meters (3,281 feet) and is definitely worth seeing. As the mountain’s waterfalls cascade down to the Wuzhi Mountain Canyon, they have naturally formed a series of deep ponds that can be found peppering the mountain area. A boat ride through the canyon is a thrilling experience, and begins with a gentle current taking the boat through picturesque scenery. Above, the blue sky is dotted with white clouds and the boat drifts by green forests and rocks shaped by the water over thousands of years. However, the water begins to gather speed and follow the torrents of water down the steep mountain, resulting in the excited screams and laughter of the passengers. In addition, there are two ethnic minorities that live in the Wuzhi Mountain area, the Li and Miao, and there are plenty of opportunities to learn about their customs, folk songs and dances, as well as taste their special cuisine. March 3 of the lunar calendar is a traditional festival when the community’s young people set out to pursue love and happiness. On that day, everyone will wear their best clothes and will drink, sing and dance until very late.
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