Haikou Nantai Crocodile Lake Zoo 南泰鳄鱼


Nantai Crocodile Lake Zoo南泰鳄鱼湖动物园

Located 20 kilometers to the west of Haikou, the Nantai Crocodile Zoo is an impressive facility occupying over 133,000 square meters. The facility is home to over 10,000 crocodiles and features a Crocodile Show Center as well as Tiger and Elephant shows. The zoo was founded by Mr. Yang Haiquan from Thailand, who is known as the Crocodile King and is also an entrepreneur in Hainan. The whole garden is designed in a special way. In the garden are County Area with Thailand Traditional Customs, Children's Area, Crocodile Show Center and Tiger and Elephant Show Center. In addition, Thai chefs serve up roast crocodile while vendors sell crocodile products such as bags, shoes and more…
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