Yalong Bay 亚龙湾


Yalong Bay
"No sea deserves a look other than Sanya, no bay deserves a true bay except Yalong". Yalong Bay National Resort is situated in the same latitudes as Hawaii of the tropical monsoon area, under the nickname of "Oriental Hawaii", yet, its beach length is 2 times than that of Hawaii. Yalong Bay National Resort simply should not be missed while in Sanya.

Yalong Bay is Sanya's premier destination for fun in the sun, providing visitors with an irresistible combination of a world-class beach. Situated about 30 km east of Sanya City along a modern expressway, Yalong Bay centres on a 7 km crescent-shaped beach, features undulating green hills, calm, Clear sea and soft, unsullied sandy beach, endowed with pleasant climate in all seasons.

In recognition of Yalong Bay's unique cultural and scenic aspects, the area was named by the State Council as one of China's most esteemed holiday destinations.  At the center of Yalong Bay Square stands a Totem Pole of 27 metres, on which the Gods of Sun, Wind, Rain, and Thunder as well as animals such as Dragon, Phoenix, Kylin and Fish are carved. The design of this square dates back 5,000 years ago and has been awarded the Luban Architectural Prize.  At the center of the resort, there is also another square,  the huge Shell Hall of Yalong Bay Square. This square is filled with shops and exhibits of interesting native handicrafts with seashells as the theme.  North of Yalong Bay lies Butterfly Valley, which consists of five halls exhibiting some of the worlds rarest butterflies. 

The crystal blue sea and visibility down to 10 metres makes Yalong Bay an ideal location for scuba divers to enjoy the undersea world with its multi-coloured coral reefs, tropical fish, seabed treasures and wild shells. The coral reefs are perfectly preserved, is where a national coral reefs reserve.

In addition to sunshine, beaches, water ports and golf, Yalong Bay is graced with odd rocks, grotesque shoals and idyllic views. For ventures of rock climbing and hiking among a wide selection of activities and attractions, within the bay there are 5 islands with Boar Island spots in the centerf, Dongzhou and Xizhou in the south, Dongpai and Xipai in the west, prime locations are Jinmu Cape and Yalong Cape. The other Attractions in Yalong Bay include the Central Square, the Sea Shell Museum and Butterfly Valley. All the elements makes Yalong Bay a national "AAAA" resort district.

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