Nanshan Culture Tourism Zone 南山文化旅游区

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Nanshan Culture Tourism Zone
Situated 50 kilometers from Sanya City, Nanshan Culture Tourism Zone occupying an area of 264,000 sqm, is the biggest Buddhist preaching site of China. It was completed on 12 April 1998, the 2,000th anniversary year of Buddhism coming to China.

Rated as one of the top scenic spots in China (AAAAA), Nanshan combines Buddhist culture, garden architectures, and recreational facilities with the spirit of peace, tranquility, happiness and harmony. And it must be a wise choice for visitors who wish to pay their respects to Buddhist culture while traveling in Sanya. You can also stay in the hotel situated in the grounds of the park.

The most stunning feature of the park is the 108-metre statue of the Goddess of Mercy standing out in the South China Sea, on a man-made island.  The palace at the base of the statue is connected to the shore by a 280-metre bridge. The project started in 1999 and opened to the public in April 2005. 

Another amazing national treasure is a 3.8-meter?13-feet? high Golden Jade Kwan-yin Statue. It is covered with 100 kg (221 pounds) of gold and silver, embedded with 120 carats of South African diamonds plus countless jewels.


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