Eden of water sports 水上伊甸园


Eden of water sports

Sunbathing & Swimming
The coziest, easiest and most unique way of a Sanya holiday is to do nothing, think nothing, but lazing into a rest on the beach, or under the sunlight, or listen to music, or chat, or read, or soak into the waters. What's wrong with being a lazy bum for one day? Still Nothing! Above all, you are in Sanya!

Scuba Diving & Snorkeling
Sanya is one of the largest diving sites in China, enjoying over 10 meters of water visibility, befitting diving sports in all seasons for its favorable tropical weather conditions. Yalong Bay, Dadonghai, Xiaodonghai, Wushizhou Island and West Island are widely recognized as super sites for diving.

Off the coast of Sanya there are all sorts of marine creatures. The bright colored actinia not only glitters, but puzzles the photographer as well. Then the corals, they are the second most brilliant seascape under the water. Yalong Bay and Xiaodonghai are both national coral reserves in Sanya, where the underwater world is home to flowery hard and soft corals such as antlers, cotyloid corals etc. Actinia, clown fish, zebra fish and lobsters are the most frequency seen marine residents.

In addition, professional diving trainings are available in Sanya. The trainees can obtain NAUI (National Association of Underwater Instructors) certificates through training.

Right time and right location is key for surfing. October every year to April the following year offer the best seasons. Relatively speaking, Sanya Bay may be too quiet, Yalong Bay and Dadong Sea have more waves. If you are a master-hand, try out the Shimei Bay, for it's the venue for world-level surfing games.

Dragging Parachute
Taking off and landing with freedom, soaring in the infinite sky like a free bird, embracing azure sky and white cloud with your body and heart, discovering more fantastic sights in an altitude flight.
You can choose single flight, double flight and also one or two flight like a nodding dragonfly.

Kite Boarding
As a worldly popular newly emerged water sport, Sanya gives kite boarding a prime location. The spacious marine area and beaches at Sanya Bay and Yalong Bay are superior positions for kite boarding. There kite boarding school in Sanya today offers training courses and devices renting.

Taking advantage of their beachfront locations, many hotels at Yalong Bay and Dadong Sea offer sailing service, supported with coaches and lifesaving gears. The rate ranges from 100yuan and more, depends on size of the boats and cost in hiring a coach.

Off shore Fishing
Want to know what a world-escaped feeling of peace like? Want to enjoy the sea of Sanya alone? Go offshore fishing! Yyou can rent a boat out to the sea. If you are lucky enough, you won't worry about your lunch, as the fisherman can help you cook your catches. It's always great to taste your own catches, isn't it?

Price: Yacht fishing is CNY300 per person for 2 hours; platform fishing is CNY140 per person for 2 hours.
Bank fishing is CNY100 per person for 2 hours; night fishing is CNY300 per person.

Water Gears
There are even more water gears, motorboat, speedboat, banana boat, can be available on every beach for every age of a family. 

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