Dadonghai 大东海


Dadonghai, which means Great East Sea, bears the connotation of "fortune lasts as vast and deep as East Sea",  located 3 kilometers (about 1.9 miles) southeast of downtown Sanya, between Mt. Tuziwei and Mt. Luhuitou, is one of the most popular tropical seaside vacation areas of Hainan Province. This 2.3 kilometer (about 1.4 miles) stretch of crescent-shaped beach offers the glimmering ocean, warm sunshine, white sand and green trees in the Torrid Zone. This area is great for water activities such as diving, beach sports, bathing and sunbathing. It has everything that makes a great seaside tourist area from great beaches to large shopping squares to entertainment venues. There is a famous diving company that can provide you with scuba diving, ship diving, seabed strolling, speed boat, motorboat, luxury yacht, sail boat, ocean fishing, beach sports and underwater photography. All the activities are well-supervised and perfectly safe. The water temperature here is about 20C degrees even in winter, making it a popular spot to enjoy Hainan’s beaches. Accessed by No.202, No.204 bus and other special shuttle bus line, 25km from Sanya Phoenix International Airport.

With all Spring-like seasons and a 2 km crescent-shaped beach, Dadonghai is a top option for outstanding swimming, also all the water sports and beach activities are at your services.

Dadonghai Is the earliest winter hideaway of China as well as a top destination for underwater sightseeing, seawater bath and sunbath. Dadonghai was awarded the Golden Cup Prize by French Tourism Committee in 1993, and is rated as one of China's top 40 tourist attractions by the National Tourism Bureau. Simply it is a "must-see" destination for visitors to Sanya.

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