Xiamen to Launch Ticket Gift Booklet for Spots

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Xiamen to Launch Ticket Gift Booklet for Spots
2009-1-14 17:11:30 CNTAIC

Either in overseas marketing or domestic promotion, the scene of each spot individually performs solo will be over soon. On Jan. 9th, the reporter learnt from the relevant government agency in Xiamen that all spots in Xiamen will be bundled together to be priced in a "Ticket Gift Booklet for Xiamen Spots".
This year, Spots Society under Xiamen Tourism Association will design a ticket gift booklet for Xiamen’s spots. This ticket gift booklet will imitate Commemorative Stamp Booklet in form, with the most representative scenes of all spots printed on the tickets, and it will include all chargeable spots in Xiamen. Currently, there are 21 chargeable spots and/or attractions in Xiamen, the accumulative admission fee amounts to 1,038 CNY. So, the ticket gift booklet being available this year will be priced at about 1,000 CNY. It’s designed as a gift package to provide customers with convenience, and in the same time the booklet itself is also a valuable collection.
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