Warm Spring Spa and Skiing: Major Tourist Activities in This Winter

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Warm Spring Spa and Skiing: Major Tourist Activities in This Winter
2008-12-25 14:55:37 CNTAIC

As the cold wave sweeping across the province, temperature has dropped again dramatically in Ji’nan , capital city of Shandong Province, during the recent days. According to the ctrip.com, the reservations for warm spring spa and skiing resorts have increased substantially recently—half of the residents in the city, who plan to travel in this winter, have chosen the warm spring or skiing resorts as their destinations.
Temperature: the main concern of tourists in this winter
The data base of ctrip.com shows that the reservations for warm spring spa and skiing resorts have soared recently, and the number of tourists to these resorts accounts for 50% of the total number. The travel routes offered on the website, whether they are the short routes themed with warm spring spa and skiing or the long routes added with the two activities, are very popular among tourists, particularly among young ones. "Temperature, including the much warmer elements or the much colder elements, is the main concern of the tourists in winter; it is quite usual that for tourists, the distinction between the tourist destinations and the currently dwelling places is what attracts them to travel," said Guo Guang, Director General on Holiday Business, ctrip.com.
Warm spring resorts: hot spots in winter
Since the beginning of this season, warm spring resorts have become hot spots for tourists, and as the temperature drops, "having a hot spa" is particularly tempting. In December, the warm spring resorts around Ji’nan, such as Tianmu Warm Spring Spa, Liaocheng, and Guoke Golf Warm Spring Spa, have been crowded with tourists during weekends. If people want to join the craving of "hot spa" in the season, they might as well have reservations one week in advance.
In addition to the neighboring resorts, the long travel routes to Yingtai, Tengzhou, Zhichun Lake, Linyi, and even to Mt. Huangshan and Guilin have become more popular among tourists. The huge demand has caused the shortage of the relevant tourist resources, so those who plan to travel might have their reservations as early as possible, for 1) guaranteeing their travelling plans realized; 2) in case the price would soar in the late period.
Skiing has got the momentum
Apart from those "hot spots," the cold areas where skiing can take place are also very popular among tourists. Tourist resorts of skiing and snow playing around Ji’nan have been more frequented recently. Take Wohushan Skiing Venue and Jiuding Skiing Venue for example, since their opening in this month, there has been lots of consultations and reservations from tourists and among them, many are from neighboring provinces and cities, such as from Xuzhou, Jiangsu, and Tianjin. It is said that the two big skiing venues are better-equipped this year than the previous year.
As Christmas and the New Year Festival approach, the two skiing venues have been planning various activities for providing tourists with a unique festival atmosphere.
Cao Fuqiang, director of the marketing department of Wohushan Skiing Venue, told the reporter during the Christmas Carnival Week (Dec. 18-25) that they have planned, the price for adults will be 20% off, and for children, 50% off.
Qiu Ye, director of the marketing department of Jiudingta Skiing Venue, said that they would continue implementing the "skiing-free-of-charge" policy in this winter, and during the Christmas holiday, they will stage ethnic folk singings and dancing; tourists can interact with the actors of ethnic groups, such as Dai, Miao, Mosuo, and Zhuang; on Christmas Eve, a great banquet will be prepared, with the ethnic actors cheering and welcoming tourists at the beginning, and Santa Claus and Snow White sending candies and presents to tourists, Er Ren Zhuan (a kind of dance duet originated from the Northeast Region, China) performances, a grand singing and dancing bonfire gala and other traditional folk festival activities staging on. In addition, the venue has also planned a combination of sales with Guoke Golf Warm Spring Spa, and tourists may have the exhilarating experience of "ice and fire" at one time.
According to the experts in the business, the cold wave will bring a peak to skiing; however, the price for skiing this year will not be lower than the previous year, since it has already dropped to a very low level and the skiing travel, once considered as a luxury, has become the tourist products consumed by ordinary people.
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