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Serenity 4Star
MV. Pinghu is completely different from other Yangtze River Ships in design and shape. Its hull is made of closed glass curtain wall, which gives her a highly faired style that only the luxurious ocean liners possess. The VS-made glass curtain walls, which have a green coaling reflect the beautiful scenery on both sides of the Yangtze River. When the scenery changes, the reflection on the hull changes at the same time, and the green mountains, blue water, small bridges and villages merge will with the ship. In fact, the ship itself is a good sight on the Yangtze River.
MV. Pinghu has comprehensive service facilities including shops, business center, IDD telephone booth, hair and beauty salon, health center, recreation center, karaoke hall, coffee shop, dining hall that serves both Chinese and Western food and Sundeck. There is also a VS and Swedish made steam room, a sauna and a hot and cold-water whirlpool bath. The ship also boasts a small orchestra of foreign musicians.
The classic, aristocratic interior of MV. Pinghu was designed in consultation with the US Designer' BusinessCenter.
Most of it is made of marble, copper and Thai wood in a Western Style. The public rooms and private cabins are carpeted with handmade pure wool. The sanitary equipment is made in Italy. On the whole, the ship is like a five-star hotel. The cabins on MV. Pinghu are larger than those on most Passenger sips; Standard rooms are as large as 19 square meters. The multifunction entertainment hall on the 4th floor, which can be divided into several sections, covers an area of 1,200 square meters and can hold 500 guests.
Service on MV. Pinghu is managed by a well-known hotel management corporation. All the waiters and wardresses have gone through strict professional training. Passengers on the ship can enjoy a luxurious and relaxing lifestyle.

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