Urumqi Minority Peoples' Museum 民族博物馆

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Minority Peoples' Museum 民族博物馆

The Minority People’s Museum, located in Xibei Road of Urumuqi City, is a large center for the collections and studies of Xinjiang cultural relics. The Museum includes an extensive collection of local artifacts as well as items from other areas on the ancient Silk Road. The building is an Uygur style building with the strong ethnical decor within. It has a 7,800 sq meter exhibition hall. The Xinjiang area has over 10 ethnic groups each diversely represented by unique artifacts in this museum.  Since this region is where many ancient and well-preserved corpses were unearched, this museum houses a 21 of them. These corpses were note preserved skillfully by embalmers like the mummies of ancient Egypt but rather by the naturally dry climate. The 'Loulan beauty' is among the most well preserved. The 'Loulan beauty' has a reddish brown skin, thick eyelashes, large charming eyes, and long hair. This particular 'beauty' of a corpse has survived for about 4,000 years!
Admission Fee: CNY 25
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