Turpan Ruins of Gaochang City 高昌古城遗址

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The Ruins of Gaochang City 高昌古城遗址

Gaochang was the political and cultural center of northwest China for 1,500 years, beginning from the Han Dynasty, when the government began to station garrisons there, and lasted until the Ming Dynasty, (1368-1644) when the city began to deteriorate. Gaochang was also a major staging post on the Silk Road. It is located 40 kilometers from Turpan, at the north bank of the Aiding Lake and to the south of the Flaming Mountain 
Gaochang means, "King City" in Uygur. Because the city was the capital of Gaochang Huihu Kingdom, it was renamed Gaochang. The city’s total area is about two million square meters and is divided into three parts: the exterior city, interior city and the palace. Most of the city walls are still well preserved, with the highest section being twelve meters high. Within the city walls are the remains of houses, earthen pagodas, and a network of streets. Most of the houses were built with packed earth or mud bricks, and have arches in the doorways and windows.
In 629 A.D., Xuan Zang, a famous monk of the Tang Dynasty, made a pilgrimage to India to seek enlightenment on the philosophy of Buddhism, and on his way he passed through Gaochang. The King of Gaochang invited him to preach to him and his subjects, so Xuan Zang stayed and taught the Buddhist scriptures to the people of Gaochang. The city saw the frequent changes of different dynasties in the following hundreds of years and was destroyed during the wars launched by the Mongols in the 12th century. It was later abandoned to ruin.
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