Turpan Emin Minaret 苏公塔

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Emin Minaret 苏公塔

Standing 2 km east of Turpan, Emin Minaret is the largest old tower in Xinjiang, built in 1777, in honor of the heroic Turpan general Emin Khoja. A Chinese inscription explains that the purpose of the minaret was to show gratitude to the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) and to commemorate the exploits of Emin Khoja. The Uygur inscription on the other side gave thanks to Allah. The circular tower, designed by a Uyghur architect, is 44 meters (144 ft) high, and is made of sun-dried bricks that are decorated with delicate geometric and floral patterns with an epitaph inscribed in both Uygur and Chinese. Set against the azure sky, silvery Tianshan Mountain, and the scarlet Flaming Mountain, Emin Minaret is one of the most impressive examples of Muslim architecture in Xinjiang. From the top of the mosque there is a good view of the surrounding vineyards and mountains. 
Admission Fee: CNY 25
Opening Hours: 08:50 to 20:00
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