Kashgar Sunday Market 周日集市

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Kashgar Sunday Market

Located in the middle of nowhere as the last station on the old Silk road from Rome to Beijing, lies this active trading area. Every week on Sundays, the entire community gathers here to shop at this lively market. Here, you can find people selling various commodities from fruits and vegetables to accessories and garments to tools and handicrafts. Every week on Sunday, people from the nearby regions come here to acquire unique goods and supplies.

It's noisy, crowded, dusty and confusing - just as every respectable open-air market should be! Originally a livestock market - now separated to a nearby location and still the "E Ticket" event - the Kashgar Sunday Market pulls in what appears to be the province's entire population - and then some! Carpets, furniture, meat and produce can be had for a haggle but the most fun is at the livlier livestock section where you can test-ride a camel or scrutinize a yak's molars. The action begins at dawn and continues well into the night hours. (The market may recall scenes from the "Indiana Jones" movies - that's just like Kashgar!)

The highlight of this market is in the handicrafts that are all crafted by the vendors themselves. You can actually watch as skilled crafters make their handicrafts. You will find the market to be bustling with consumers trying to find just the right item to take home. If you get thirsty, you can try the freshly squeezed pomegranate juice, which is a specialty of Kashgar.

If you finish early at the Sunday Market, you can visit the Sunday livestock market at the edge of the city. This market is not as modern as the Sunday Market and thus, offers a glimpse of the past. You will find all kinds of meat being sold here. There are also many food vendors and craftsmen lining the edges of the market. Tax is charged here as many Chinese officials monitor the area to make sure of this. It is best to go after 11 a.m. since many farmers come from quite far and only arrive around this time. You can see the road to the market lined with people in tractors, trucks and horse-drawn carts. It will be a unique contrast to the Sunday Market and great place to experience traditional Kashgar!

Admission Fee: Free
Opening Hours: Whole Day (Sunday is the best time for a visit)
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