Kashgar Abakh Hoja Tomb 香妃墓


Abakh Khoja Tomb(Abakh Hoja Mosque)

Abakh Hoja Mosque, located about five kilometers northeast of Kashgar, is an ancient Islamic building set among poplar trees. Abakh Hoja Mosque is “Xiangfei” in Chinese, which means "Fragrant Concubine” who is the only Uigur concubine among the 41 wives of Emperor Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). This mosque is the most magnificent Mosque in Kashgar, filled with rich history. It was once the family mosque for Abakh Hoja, the powerful ruler of Kashgar in the 17th century. 

According to legend, Xiangfei was forced to commit suicide by the jealous Empress Dowager. Xiangfei’s body was carried to this Mosque over a tedious three-year journey. The mosque consists of large buildings mostly colored blue and white with a green dome. The blue glazed bricks are decorated with intricate pictures of flowers on a white background. There is a small minaret (a tower w/ projecting balconies) topped with a crescent sitting on top of the dome. The body of Xiangfei lies in the northeast corner of the main mosque where her name is written in both Chinese and Uigur. 

Admission Fee: CNY 30
Opening Hours: 08:50 to 20:00
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