Gyantse Pelkor Chode Monastery修道院

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Pelkor Chode Monastery修道院

Pelkor Chode Monastery is situated in the west of Gyantse. Founded in 1418, Pelkor Chode was once a multi-denominational complex of monasteries, but today, much of the sprawling courtyard, enclosed by walls that cling to the hills backing on to the monastery, is bare and the remaining structures are attended to by Geluga monks, the only sect that survived the Cultural Revolution. The best way to get an idea of the original extent of Pelkor Chode is to view it from the Gyantse Dzong. With mountains enclosing from three sides of the east, west and north, its uniqueness lies in that its three Sects of Buddhism stayed harmoniously under one roof. Each sect has 6-7 courtyards in the monastery. The entrance is flanked by statues of the Four Guardian Kings instead of the usual painting. Keep an eye out for the jewel-vomiting mongoose. Just by the entrance on the left is a particularly spooky protector chapel. The main chapel is to the rear of the assembly hall. There is an inner route around the chapel which is lined with murals. Inside, the central image is of Sakyamuni, who is accompanied by the Buddha of the past and future. Other bodhisattvas line the walls as well. Pelkor Chode Monastery is a little dark, and to get a good look at the various murals and Thangkas (Tibetan Buddhist scroll paintings), it is a good idea to bring a flashlight.
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