Diqing(Shangri-la) 迪庆

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Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture is situated in the northwest of Yunnan Province, with Tibet to its west and Sichuan to its east. It's the hinterland of the tourist route to Shangri-la. Starting from Dali, driving north about 315 kilometers along the Yunan-Tibet Road, Zhongdian county seat, capital of the Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture stands here, 659 kilometers away from Kunming, it will take 50 minutes from Zhongdian to Kunming by plane. Diqing means "the place of good luck and happiness" in Tibetan language. It is located at southeast edge of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, east part of southern section of the Hengduan Mountain Range and the hinterland of the Three Parallel Rivers of Yunnan Province. Due to its specific location, it forms peculiar scenery. It is a harmonious blend of snow mountains, gorges, prairies, mountains, lakes, virgin forests and national customs. It is a famous scenic spot with multi-functions. There are countless snow peaks in the scenic spot, Mount Kang Karbo is the highest peak in Yunnan Province. Just in the Zhongdian region, it has 470 snow mountains with an elevation of 4000 meters. Besides, many gorges are available in the scenic spot. Among of them, Jinsha Tiger Leaping Gorge, Lianchajiang Gorge etc. are the most famous. In addition, the vast prairie grazing ground, boundless virgin forests and countless mountainous lakes make the scenery of Diqing mysterious, dangerous and quiet, delicately beautiful.

More than 13 minorities such as Zhuang, Lisu, Han, Naxi, Bai, Hui and Yi etc. live here, they lead a happy and harmonious life regardless of different life style, costume, residential housing and marriage custom. 

Visitors to the Diqin Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture are sure to find themselves in a land where mysterious tranquility pervades every inch of the ever-changing scenery. The most rare and spectacular glaciers, snow mountains in low latitude are distributed here and there, the continuous 13 peaks of the Meli Snow Mountain spread all over the region, the highest peak is Kang Karpo, 6470 meters above the sea level. It is a holy place of pilgrimage for Tibetan Buddhist and the first of the eight great divine mountains in Tibetan region. Because of its changeable climate, the Meli mountains are fraught with fatal dangers and remain unconquered until today.

Between the snow mountains distributing many small or large meadows and plains, they are places for people of Diqing to exist and procreate; the quiet and beautiful water form countless lakes, among of them, Bitahai lake, Napahai lake, Hehai lake and Shouduhai lake are the most beautiful; the saint monasteries are the most telling witness of this freedom kingdom—the small Potala Palace Gadan Song Zanling Monastery; the perfect Garden of the Eden in people's dream—Shangri-la.


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