Lijiang Dayan Old Town丽江古城

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Lijiang Ancient Town("Dayan Old Town") 丽江古城

Currently there are about 6,000 families living in the ancient town of Lijiang which was built nearly 800 years ago during the late Song dynasty. The center of this delicate old town is the Market Square where the women would gather to gossip.  The style of the houses in Lijiang is a cross of Naxi, Bai and Tibetan architecture. Even though these homes are wooden, they are sturdy enough to withstand the 1996 Richter scale 7 earthquake even when the concrete structures in the town did not. Because of this architecture, this old town is extremely well-preserved earning it the honor of being a World Cultural Heritage Site.  Mu’s Mansion, located near the center of town, was a palace where 22 generations of local chiefts had lived. It, sadly, did not survive the earthquake and was recently restored.  The people of Lijiang fetched their water from the canals that crosses through the town. However, most of the town’s water comes from Black Dragon Pool (Heilongtan) which breaks into streams to flow all over town. Since there are so many streams, the town is famous for its 350 bridge of various styles and structures, some dating back to the Ming and Qing dynasties. Lijiang has been dubbed the 'Oriental Venice' and 'Suzhou in Highland', but it also has its own distinct charm with narrow, cobblestone streets, charming wooden homes, shops and cafes, and picturesque canals, water wheels and city markets. Getting around: The only form of transportation in Lijiang is walking. 
Admission Fee:  RMB 80 (Protection Fare) Recommended Time for a Visit:  40 minutes 
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