Gezhou Dam 葛洲坝

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Gezhou Dam 葛洲坝

The highly controversial Three Gorges Dam project is due for completion in the year 2008, but until then, the Gezhou Dam will remain as the biggest water conservation project along the Yangtze River.  The huge dam is located 2,300 meters from Nanjingguan, which is the entrance to the Three Gorges.  People traveling along the Three Gorges will have to pass through this dam.
The process of passing through the dam is quite a unique experience and is similar to the process of passing through a lock on a canal.  The water level on one side of the dam is 30 meters higher than that of the other side, and in order to continue its voyage, the boat has to cross the higher side of the dam.  The boat sails into a space resembling a huge water tub, and after the door is closed tightly, more water flows into the tub to raise the water level (or drain water out to reduce the water level if the boat is traveling in the opposite direction).  When the water levels on both sides are equal, a door opens to allow the boat to sail out.  Because of the vast size of the dam, many passengers have remarked that the boat feels like a toy that is in the hands of a child in the bathtub!
Admission Fee: CNY 10
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