Yellow Crane Tower 黄鹤楼

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Yellow Crane Tower 黄鹤楼

Located on Snake Hill in Wuchang, the Yellow Crane Tower has a history of over 1,700 years and is one of the four most famous towers in China.  According to records, the tower was first built in 223 A.D. as a military lookout by the Wu Kingdom. 
The Yellow Crane Tower was destroyed many times in different dynasties, yet was continuously rebuilt.  The tower we can see today was completed in June, 1985, is 51.4 meters high, and is comprised of pavillions, corridors, and arches.  Visitors stroll through the tower’s corridors and pavilions, enjoying a great view of the city, bridge, and river.  
The Yellow Crane Tower has been the inspiration for celebrities and poets alike, who praise the tower for its unique architecture and long history.
In the shadow of the Yellow Crane Tower is the White Cloud Pavilion, standing four stories high at 29.7 meters and sitting on top of Snake Hill.  Because of these two important landmarks, Wuhan was given the nickname “White Cloud and Yellow Crane”. 
Admission Fee: CNY 50
Bus Route: 411, 1 Tourist Bus Route:  1
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