Guiyuan Temple 归元寺

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Guiyuan Temple 归元寺

In terms of both religion and architecture, Guiyuan Temple is Wuhan's most famous of Buddhist temples.  This temple has been considered to be one of the most holy Buddhist sites in central China, and Buddhist followers and international dignitaries, including the U.S. Secretary of State, former Singapore Prime Minister, and the Cambodian King, have paid a visit to the temple. 
Inside, the temple houses a collection of rare sutra, a jade Buddha, and 500 gilded Arhats, all of which survived the ravages of the Cultural Revolution.
Even though the temple at the site today is not the original, the renovations here have been fairly faithful.  The original temple took over six years to finish, and it consists of a Grand Hall, Guest Hall, Meditation Hall and Abbot's Room, covering a total area of 46,900 square meters. 
Admission Fee: CNY 10                
                            CNY 20 (during Spring Festival, May Holiday, and October Holiday)
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