Wuhan First Bridge on Yangtze River 武汉第一长江大桥

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First Bridge on the Yangtze River 武汉长江大桥

The Wuhan Changjiang River Bridge Project began on September 9, 1955, and opened to traffic on October 13, 1957.  The entire two-story bridge was done in China’s national architectural style and measures 1,670 meters long.  It is the first highway-railway bridge on the Yangtze River, and has greatly helped to promote both agricultural and industrial development in the region.  The lower part of the bridge is 14.5 meters wide and functions as a railway, allowing two trains to go through it at the same time running in the opposite direction.  The upper part is the highway, which is 20.25 meters wide. Four cars can run across it side by side. The bridge has eight piers and nine holes, and large ships can sail under it all year round.  At each end of the bridge there is a tower that stands 35 meters high. There are 7-storey from the hall on the ground floor to the pavilion on the top floor, accessible by lift. Visitors who can make it to the top can see the three towns of Wuhan. 
Tips:  1.  If you want to enjoy the bridge, walk down the road from the Watching Horse Square.  Wear comfortable walking shoes since it will take about one hour to walk across the bridge to Turtle Hill.
2.  Autumn and spring are the best times to see the bridge.  Avoid winter and summer, as strong winds and extreme temperatures (the pavement has been known to reach 50°C in July) will thwart even the most dauntless of travelers.
3.  When you go through the bridge, stop at Si Men Kou, one of Wuhan’s most famous shopping malls.  Inside, there is a wonderful local snack street called Fubu Lane. 
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