East Lake 东湖公园

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East Lake 东湖公园

Situated in the eastern suburbs of Wuchang, the East Lake Park is the largest open space in the city and is six times the size of the West Lake in Hangzhou.  The lake is divided into smaller, more manageable areas that each sports a different theme, including Listening to the Waves, Mill Hill, and Poetry Composition Pavilion.
Mild temperatures and abundant sunshine foster the East Lake’s rich plant resources. There are over 372 different plants as well as over 80 species of bird and fish, the Wuchang fish being the most famous.  The most renowned of East Lake’s blossoming flowers are described in the phrase "the orchid in spring, the lotus in summer, the sweet-scented Osmanthus in autumn and the plum blossom in winter". 
This scenic, pleasant spot is about as far out of the city one can possibly get in Wuhan while remaining within the city boundaries.
Admission Fee: CNY 40 for Mo Hill Scenic Area                CNY 30 for Tingtao Scenic Area
Opening Hours: 07:00 – 19:00
Bus Route: 515,36,402,401,413,8,14,102,537,578,605,701,712,411,108 Electric Bus No: 8
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