Yangtze Sight and Wonders 长江景观和奇迹

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Sight and Wonders of the Yangtze  

The Yangtze River is rich in splendid Chinese civilization, feeding the Chinese people generation after generation, creating many scenic wonders. Going up the river from Shanghai and the Yangtze delta, the sights are Huangpu docks, the Yangtze stretch, Chongming Island, Xiaogu mountain (right in the middle of the river), under the “Nanjing Giant Bridge”, Anqing Pagoda, Xingyang Tower, Jiujiangs shrines, and many Pagodas. From Wuhan there is Chibi Cliff, Yueyang Tower, the canola rich Jianghan plain and the other sights from Yichang to Chongqing, including the unforgettable Three Gorges.
# The Three Gorges Dam  
The Dam Project is the biggest hydraulic engineering project in the world. The dam is located at Sandouping, the middle section of Xiling Gorge. The earth was broken in 1994. The project includes: the main work, power plant, flood discharge silt sluice, sand discharge get, a twin 5-step ship lock and a twin elevator for ships. It’s estimated the Project will cost 230,000 million U.S. dollars. The purposes of the Three Gorges Project are flood control, electricity generation improvement of navigation and water transference from the south to the north. The Dam will be 2,335 meters long, 18 meters wide, and its bottom will be 130 meters wide after completion. The water has risen 66 meters and will rise 40 more meters by 2009. This is at the dam site so it will rise 36 at the first gorge, 24 at the Wu Gorge and 12 at the western most gorge, thus forming a 600-kilometer long reservoir with a storage capacity of 3,990 million cubic meters after 2009. So, now is the time to come.
# Qutang Gorge   
It is the first one of the Three Gorges. Qutang Gorge, 8 kilometers long, starts from White King City of Fengjie at its western point to the Daxi town of Wushan County at its east point. The span of its narrowest surface is tens of meters, and the span of its widest reaches is less than 150 meters. Qutang Gorge is famous for its grand, short, narrow features. The main attractions are as follows: Daxi cultural site, Qutang Old Path, Stele Wall, Phoenix Spring, Bellows Gorge, etc. because of the dam the ancient calligraphy is now eye level.
# Wu Gorge 
Wu Gorge is the second one of the Three Gorges. Wu Gorge, 45 kilometers long, starts from Wu county of Chongqing as its west point to Guandu of Badong County, Hubei as its eastern point. It’s named after Wushan Mountain. To one’s surprise, Wu Gorge, well known for its prettiness, delicacy and diversity, drizzle or mist all the year round, makes a fantastic sight. Wu Gorge is very long with strange and unique peaks, and the water flows in a zigzag. When passing Wu Gorge, you seem to go into a singular and beautiful gallery, the Goddess Peak and caves are now visible without strain
# Xiling Gorge  
Xiling Gorge is the third gorge. It starts from the western point, the outfall of Xiangxi River in Zigui County to Nanjin Pass in Yichang, and the eastern point. Xiliing Gorge has got its name for being located in the west of Yichang. It contains Xin Beach, Kongling Beach, the Three Gorges Dam, Dengying Gorge, and Huangmao Gorge. It’s known for strange rock formation, speed and alarming danger. Passing Xiling Gorge is an adventure. The hanging coffins and Zhangfei Shrine are closer now.

# Lesser Three Gorges of Daling River  
Lesser Three Gorges, made of Longmen Gorge, Bawu Gorge and Dicui Gorge, is 50 kilometers long. The river was very shallow, and the water is pristine. It is full of steep peaks. Its beauty is even superior to the Three Gorges. The mini three gorges of Madu River, 5 kilometers long, is situated at the Madu riverside of the branch of Daling River. You may motor around the mini three gorges: Sancheng Gorge, Qinwang Gorge, and Changtan Gorge. The roadway carved out of stone, the pavilion and mountain top retreat are more visible now.
# Shennong Stream in Badong  
Shennong stream, lucid water, with cliffs standing on both sides, 60 kilometers long, lies in the Badong county, Hubei province. It is about 9 kilometers away from the Badong town. Its upstream is Shennongjia forest area. The surprising sights: Suspended Coffins, the Old Path, and the Tujia minority Village are nearby. It is 20 kilometers long. When taking a skin raft or a sampan boat and passing Jinzu Gorge, Yingwu Gorge, Longchang Gorge, you will experience the feeling of kissing the nature. The beautiful “Panda’s food” bamboo curtains the gorge in green.

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