A Day Trip to Macau 香港到澳门一日游

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A Day Trip to Macau

Macau is an hour from Hong Kong by ferry. It is an ideal place for a day tour for tourists visiting Hong Kong. You might need to compete with visitors from Hong Kong if you go on a weekend.
For a day trip, you only need to do three things:
• Visit as many casinos as you want
• Taste yummy Macanese and Portuguese food
• Sightseeing

Getting There
From Hong Kong Island: take a TurboJet from Hong Kong Macau Ferry from Shun Tak Centre atop MTR Sheung Wan Station. Turbojet runs round the clock every 15 minutes. Single journey fare ranges from HK$138 to HK$275 depending on economy or super class, day ride or night ride, weekday or holiday. VIP cabins available, 4-seats or 6-seats, range from HK$960 to HK$1,650 per cabin.
To secure availability, you can ask your hotel concierge to help organize a set of return tickets in advance.
From Kowloon: take First Ferry from Tsimshatsui China Ferry Terminal. Ferries run daily from 07:00 to midnight, every 30 minutes. Single journey fare ranges from HK$137 to HK$275.
Most foreigners taking a day tour won’t need a visa to Macau. However if you do, you can obtain one upon arrival.

Touring Around
The ferry terminal at Macau has a designated area for hotel shuttle buses. Even if you don’t have a booking, you are free to hop on any of them. Take a free shuttle bus to casinos like Sands, Wynn, MGM Grand, Venetian and many others.
Bus fare is MOP2.5 for all routes within the city and MOP3.3 to Taipa and Coloane Island.
Unfortunately there isn’t a day pass for the convenience of tourists. You even need to get ready some coins in order to pay exact fare.
Taxi starts at MOP10. It won’t be expensive to go anywhere by taxi as it is a very small city.
Hong Kong Dollars are acceptable in Macau, generally on a 1:1 basis. However if you go to a money changer, you can gain a 3% exchange rate, i.e. HK$100 = MOP103. (US$1 is approximately HK$7.8)

Itinerary Suggestion
08:00 – Depart on a TurboJet
09:00 – Arrive at Macau
Make sure to pick up a Tourist Map and a Food Guide at the Tourist Information Centre at the exit of customs. These are important tools to help you touring round.
Take a pork chop bun breakfast at the ferry terminal if you want. Study the map and the Food Guide at the same time.
10:00 Visit Casinos
Take Sands shuttle bus to visit their casino. Sands is just a few blocks from the Ferry Terminal. From Sand across the road is the Fisherman's Wharf. There are couple of casinos newly opened in 2007. Take a taxi to visit the Wynn and the New Lisboa. Casinos are usually less crowded in the morning, take your time to test your luck. Drinks are available free at most casinos.
13:00 Lunch
Take bus 33 to Taipa Island and have a typical Portuguese lunch at Cozinha Pinocchio. Actually there are many Portuguese restaurants in that area. Feel free to pick one you like. Check your Food Guide first.
Alternatively you can take a taxi to the Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment Centre where there are many themed restaurants. You can have fun at the Tower after lunch.
15:00 Sightseeing & Tea Time
Visit the Macau Tower if you didn’t had lunch there.
Visit the Fisherman’s Wharf.

After these walks, you would surely need a break. You can have your tea time at any restaurant inside the Fisherman’s Wharf. Or your can take a taxi to Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro nearby the central fountain which is a landmark of the city. Ginger milk, pork chop bun and chilly fish bun are highly recommended.
If you don’t read Portuguese, let’s just call Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro the Main Road. Local people and Hong Kong people call it. It is the busiest street in the down town area. Or just tell the taxi driver to go to the fountain.
There are seats around the fountain area where you can rest until you want to continue.
Visit two of the heritages and a museum:
• Ruins of St. Paul’s
• Monte Fortress
• Macau Museum ?
These three places are next to each other, please don’t visit one and miss the other two.
19:00 Dinner
Check the Food Guide and pick a restaurant for a relaxed dinner. There are plenty of Portuguese and Chinese restaurants around the fountain area as well as the Rua da Felicidade. Local people call this 'Food Street' which is along the Main Road, about five minutes’ walk from the fountain.
21:00 – Depart on TurboJet
22:00 – Arrive at Shun Tak Centre on Hong Kong Island

Language Aid
Cantonese is widely spoken. Many local born Portuguese speak fluent Cantonese. English is not popular except within hotels.
As a matter of history, Portuguese is still the official language. You would therefore find most of the names in Portuguese and Chinese. I used to work here, however my Portuguese is now rusty.
Words useful to tourists are:
• ‘rua and estrada’ both means ‘road’
• ‘avenida’ means ‘avenue’
• ‘largo’ means ‘square’
• ‘restaurante’ means ‘restaurant’

Macau Heritages
In November 2005, "'The Historic Centre of Macao' was listed by UNESCO as World Heritage. Ruins of St. Paul’s, Monte Fortress and many buildings around the fountain area are included. Read more


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