West Street 西街

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The West Street 西街

West Street (Xi Jie), in the heart of Yangshuo, is filled with cafes and restaurants offering all types of Chinese and Western food. This is where you can experience cuisines from all over the world at very reasonable prices. This is a great opportunity to break away from the usual Chinese stir-fry dishes to get a cup of espresso or some toast for breakfast. This part of town is especially popular with young international tourists not only because of the food but also because of all the unique souvenir and snack shops. Young Westerners and local Chinese frequent places such as Mickey Mao's, Hard Rock Cafe or Lisa's Café for apple pie, beef steak, French fries, and ice-cream sundaes. These western delights are difficult to come by in China thus, Western Street is a favorite for many western tourists. The servers at these restaurant are fluent in English and the menus all come in several different languages. You can relax here and catch up with friends and relatives back home in one of the internet cafes. Accommodation here is also very reasonably priced so you can choose to stay for a few days. 
This street, with the Li River passing by, dates back to 590 during the Sui Dynasty. Despite its long history, the street is very well-preserved and still maintains a lot of its old architecture. It was opened to foreign visiters since 1978 and has been dubbed “Foreigners Street”. 
Today, this 2000m long street offers over 300 cafes, restaurants, hotels, shops, clubs, internet cafes, and much more! It’s a great place to relax and entertain yourself.
Highly Recommended:
Typical local dish: Beer Fish- made from fresh fish caught from the clear waters of Li River, with a delicate sauce. This dish’s taste is enhanced by beer and works great as an appetizer. 
Characteristic cafes: MeiYou Cafe: 'Meiyou' means, 'we don't have'. This café is named so because it promises 'Meiyou warm beer, meiyou lousy food, meiyou rip-offs, meiyou bad service'.  Anne's Art Cafe: Great food at reasonable prices. 
Unique way to experience Yangshuo:  Ride a bike around town - Rent a bike to appreciate the elegant scenery take advantage of Yangshuo great air. 
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