Moon Hill 月亮山

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The Moon Hill 月亮山

Moon Hill is a well-known attraction located eight kilometers (five miles) south of the town of Yangshuo. The sky is seen through a hole at the peak like a full moon, giving it its name. To get to the top of this hill, you will have to walk 800 winding steps in a path called 'Appreciating Moon Path' since along the winding path you can see the sky through the hole from different angles; the full moon may morph into a half or a crescent as you turn corners. The hill’s backdrop is the elegance and peace of nature. 
Getting there: Take a Gaotian minibus to Yangshuo bus terminal. If you plan to cycle, Moon Hill is located about 8km south of Yangshuo on the road to Wuzhou.
Admission Fee: CNY 15
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