Big Banyan Tree 大榕树

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The Big Banyan Tree 大榕树

This large towering tree, located 6km (about 3.7 miles) from Yangshuo County, is famous for having survived since the Sui Dynasty (581-618). It is also known because the Chinese film “The Third Sister Liu”, a beautiful love story, was partly shot here, adding to the romance of the tree.  This tree, 7 meters (about 23 feet) wide and 17 meters (about 55.8 feet) tall, has grown considerably over the 14 centuries. Due to its age, the tree’s roots are twisted but its sprawling branches and dense leaves create a shade allows little sunshine through. It provides cool shade for many during the hot summer days. This is where The Third Sister Liu declared her undying love for her lover The A’niu in the famous film. 
South of this tree is Moon Hill where a quaint little village resides. Here, you can stay and experience true village life in China without any stress of city hustle and bustle. It lies under a soft layer of haze offering a hidden, tranquil wonderland filled with rice terraces and flowing brooks. 
Admission Fee: CNY 18
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