Nanning 南宁

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Nanning city is also called Yong city, Yong for short. It is the capital city of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and the political, economic and cultural center of the region. As a melting pot of different nationalities with Zhuang as its main stream, it is the only coastal opened city with typical southern scenes and characteristics among five autonomous regions in the country. With trees and flowers all around year, Nanning is a green city which combines beauty, color and subtropical sights together.

Nanning lies at the junction between China's southern, southwestern areas and the economic circle of Southeast Asia, and becomes an important economic center of Beibu Gulf. It has two geographical favorites. On one hand, it is not only near the sea—its distances to Qinzhou port, Fangcheng port and Beihai port being respectively 104, 173 and 204 kilometers, but also near the border with Vietnam—its distances with Dongxing city and Pinxiang city being only 204 and 230 kilometers. On the other hand, Nanning is near the rail lines of Xianggui, Qingui, Lizhan and Nankun rail lines and is an important rail pivot station for southwest China. Besides, Nanning is on the river shore—Yongjiang River is the branch stream of the Xijiang River which is at the same time the main stream of the Zhujiang River. The inland river transport will allow 1,000 tons barge movements form Nanning to Hong Kong and Macau upon completion of the second phase of Western River construction project.

At present, it governs six districts (Xingning, Jiangnan, Qingxiu, Xixiangtang, Yongning and Liangqing districts) and six counties (Wuming, Heng, Binyang, Shanglin, Mashan and Long'an counties). With an area of 22,293, its population in 2003 was 6,416,700, one fifth of which was in the urban area.

Nanning is also a developing industrial city with light industry as the mainstay. It produces canned foods and handicraft articles, particularly a type of silk called Zhuang brocade, which, like the region itself, is named after the ethnic group that inhabit.

Must-see Attractions:
Yiling Cave
Lying twenty kilometers northwest of Nanning, this cave is forty-five meters deep and covers an area of 24,000 square meters. The 1,100-meter trip through the cave includes a walk through the "passage in the air," which is three hundred meters long and has three turns and three rises and falls. Standing by the railing, the visitor gets a fantastic view of the cave's colorfully lit stalactites, stalagmites, stone pillars, and other strange formations.

Spirit Water Lake (Lingshui)
Spirit Water Lake, forty-six kilometers north of Nanning, occupies an area of five thousand square meters and is two to three meters deep. Springs emerging from stone cracks at the bottom of the lake form jets of water droplets, like strings of pearls, above the surface. The lake can be used for swimming all year long because the temperature of its clear green water remains at about 23oC (73.4oF) despite the season. Visitors to Spirit Water Lake can also enjoy the season.
Visitors to Spirit Water Lake can also enjoy the nearby Crab Hill (PANGXIESHAN), Wolf's Tooth Pass (Langyakou), and Nine-Layer Cliff (Jiucengpi).

South Lake Park (Nanhugongyuan)
Charming South Lake Park in downtown Nanning embraces a wide lake and green-covered hills. The fish restaurant in the park is well worth a visit.
Other attractions such as the zoo and the Dawangtan reservoir at the outskirts of the city are also worth a sightseeing trip.
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