Daxu Ancient Town 大圩古镇

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Daxu Ancient Town 大圩古镇

Daxu town, located on the north Lijiang River bank about 29km from Guilin, is one of the four famous historical towns of Guangxi province dating back over 1,000 years since 200 B.C. A 2.3km-long and 2m-wide stone street runs through the town with ancient buildings designed in the style from the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). These structures were mainly built during the Ming and Qing dynasties and are revered because of their beauty and practicality.  The road is paved with dark green lime stones made smooth over time from the wear and tear of use.  You will find shops along this street with private residences deeper in. This town was a very important harbor on the Lijing River before the railroad was built. Thus, most of the townspeople are traders making the town’s market famous throughout southern China. It was a busy trading center in the old times. Historically, the Ling Canal provided the transportation Daxu needed to be a local center of trade. Today, you can still imagine the former glory of the old days in the 13 docks along the old street. Unfortunately, the town’s trading slowed considerately after the railroads and highways were built. But many local residents still keep their traditional handcraft businesses like shops selling rice wine and homemade bamboo baskets. The street has 20 or so Chinese medical clinic where there are historical chests of herbal medicine. Although the city no longer is not longer at its former glory, it is still a quaint town with welcoming citizens and a strong historical elements.  To get there: It is only about 15 km from Guilin and you can get there by taking a 40 minute long distance bus ride to Daxu from the Guilin bus terminal located next to the Guilin train station. Tickets cost around 5 CNY.
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