Reed Flute Cave 芦笛岩

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Reed Flute Cave 芦笛岩

Reed Flute Cave(Ludi Cave), located in a hidden spot on Guangmin Hill about 3.2 miles northwest of Guilin, is Guilin’s largest and most remarkable cave. Its name is derived from reed grasses which grow in front of the cave and is used to make flutes. (lu = reed; di = flute). Reed Flute Cave is a U-shaped limestone cave. It was discovered in 1959 and opened to public in 1962. This cave is 790 feet deep and allows visitors to walk for 550 yards of zigzagging stalactites and stalagmites in mesmerizing colors. Although the cave is naturally beautiful, artificial lighting is added to emphasize the likeness of the rock formations to animals and plants. One formation called The Crystal Palace of the Dragon King, resembles a miniature Guilin. Additionally, there are over 70 wall inscriptions from the Tang Period (618-907) speaking poetically about the history of the cave.

Inside the Cave:
You need to take extra care in this underground Guilin tour. The cave is dark, wet and with winding staircases, though not slippery. However, you are advised to walk and mind your steps; stop and view the scenery. You would expect to get a little wet as water drips down.

Some places are more open while some others are narrow. You would find underground streams and ponds. The calm waters reflections make the place even more spectacular.

Reed Flute Cave is illuminated by lots of Chinese styled colour lightings. They are only on when you are there, and off when you pass by. The lightings are beautiful, however making the place over artificial.

Admission Fee:CNY 60 Peak Season Apr.—Oct. 7:30—18:00 Low Season Nov.—Mar. 8:00—17:30

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