Dragon Backbone Rice Terraces 龙脊梯田

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Dragon Backbone Rice Terraces(Longji Titian):

The Longji (Dragon’s Backbone) Terraces, located about 2 hours drive from Guilin in Southeast Longshen county. As noted in our tour description, "The climate here is perfect for rice-growing; the terrain isn't." That didn't stop the local farmers; over some 700 years of toil and sweat, they transformed the hills and mountains into terraced, intensely-cultivated rice fields. What they created was also breathtaking - a rare meeting of function and scenic interest. This design makes use of the scarce water in the mountainous regions by dividing the mountain into regions. .  The culture of this area is rich and unique. The local minority Zhuang and Yao girls perform hair combing or singing and dancing upon guests' request. This is the best place see and learn about China’s minority groups.

Ping An Village:
Nestled within the heart of the Longi Titian is the ethnic Zhuang village of Ping An. Charming as it may look with it's somewhat jumbled, terraced homes (everything is "terraced" in this hilly region!), Ping An is a hard-working community. For the idle visitor, however, the photo-ops are not to be missed!

To get to Longji Terraces, you can take bus from the Guilin Central Bus Station to the Longsheng Bus Station and transfer to the mini bus to the Jinkeng Terraces of the Longji Terraced Field. The bus fare for the mini bus is 8 RMB and for the express bus fare from Guilin to Longsheng is CNY23.
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