Highlights of the International Horticulture Exposition 2011 Xi'an

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Horticultural_Xian_Expo_2011AHighlights of the International Horticulture Exposition 2011 Xi'an
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1.Guangyun Lake Regatta
GuangyunLake, the site of the International Horticulture Exposition 2011 Xi'an, used to be a harbor in the Sui and Tang Dynasties. During the Tianbao reign of the Tang Dynasty, Emperor Xuanzong once held a large-scale trade fair of water transportation goods and commodities. It featured the first expo on historical record, initiating the tradition of world expositions. The Guangyun Lake of today is poetic and picturesque, featuring green willows and waves in spring time and boundless skies and reeds in autumn. You can view the exposition water events here, appreciating pleasures like the morning breeze or a waning moon, and experiencing how our forebears saw their friends off-- creating poets in such situations.

2. Chang'an Tower
The Chang'an Tower,one of the “Four Main Buildings” of the International Horticultural Exposition 2011 Xi'an, is 99 meters high with 13 stories. The design of the tower adds modern elements while reserving the style of an antique square tower in the Sui and Tang Dynasties (581-907). It is a reflection of both the essence of Chinese architectural culture and modern, trendy, urban features. It also represents a perfect combination of green architectural technology and art, exemplifying ecological practice. The Chang'an Tower is an important scenic spot commanding a panoramic view of the whole exposition site, allowing visitors to climb high for a wide view of the moon in the sky, the flowers, scenery, and fine art of the exposition. It would be an outstanding experience.
3. Greenhouse
Of the “Four Main Buildings” of the International Horticultural Exposition 2011 Xi'an, the Greenhouse is located at the Splendid Lake is the botanic hothouse of the International Horticultural Exposition 2011 Xi'an The greenhouse would mainly hold rare plants and eco-landscapes from different regions of various climates of the world. Visitors will find unique fauna and flora from all over the world here and can experience different cultures in one single room.
4. Theme Pavilion
The Theme Pavilion, of the “Four Main Buildings” of the International Horticultural Exposition 2011 Xi'an, is on the main axis and was designed to be integrated with the surrounding water and land terrain. Its architectural layout is in the shape of the Chinese character “王” consisting of irregular tri-wing geometrical objects. External wall faces are made of bronze, wood, or in garden fashion, function as irregular interfaces. The exhibition in the pavilion will showcase new achievements and products in horticulture and floriculture, as well as new environmental-friendly and energy-saving technologies and materials. One can fully experience the beauty of architecture, gardening, floriculture, and technology here.
5. Five Major Horticultural Scenic Spots
The Five Major Horticultural Scenic Spots of the Exposition include the Chang'an Flower Valley, Colourful Plants from Qinling Mountains, Flowers along the Silk Road, Overseas Collections, and the Flower Rainbow over the Ba River. The Chang'an Flower Valley represents the scenery of the “Heavens” with flowers of rich and various colors. During the exposition, the flowers and styles will be changed five times. The Colourful Plants from Qinling Mountains is a microcosm of Mount Qinling, covered in gaudy and gorgeous flowers. The Flowers along the Silk Road will feature elements of floriculture and green sculpture representing the significant and historic Silk Road. The Overseas Collections full of European gardens collectively represent exotic horticulture. The Flower Rainbow over the Ba River is a waterfront structure that would enable visitors to experience a magnificent spectacle of flower and water.

6.Three Characteristic Zones
The Three Characteristic Zones- Romance by the Ba River, Southeast Asian Street, and European Avenue, were elaborately designed and built for the International Horticulture Exposition 2011 Xi'an, integrating catering, shopping, recreation, leisure, and consumption. Wandering in these zones, tourists will have the chance to experience the local flavor of Shaanxi and other regions across the world. In the Romance by the Ba River of Guanzhong flavor, tourists can relax, shop, and even dine in a boat on the river. The Southeast Asian Street presents Southeast Asian folk songs and dances. Here, tourists can buy distinctive traditional handicrafts. On the small but fashionable European Avenue, visitors can feast their eyes on European cultural performances featuring rich European flavor.

7. Visiting & Watching
The Guangyun Lake Stage and Site Square will act as two core platforms for theInternational Horticultural Exposition 2011 Xi'an. Guided by the four themes, Environment & Future, Recreation, Interaction, and Culture, there will be about 5000 performances, including stage shows, multi-media shows, car parades, and activities in the square. Ten other events such as the 63rd annual meeting of the AIPH, the International Horticultural Forum, the International Fireworks Festival, the International Bird Watching Festival and the Photography Festival of China would also be held during the exposition.

8. Wait & See- Opening & Closing Ceremonies
The plan of the opening and closing ceremonies oftheInternational Horticultural Exposition 2011 Xi'an and other big events has already begun. Among all of them, the parade is under the charge of Li Jicheng, Chief Director of the parades of the World Expo Shanghai China 2010. Agreements have been made with the multi-media operational companies of the China and Theme Pavilions of the Shanghai World Expo regarding the evening theme performances on the Water Stage. Large-scale multi-media evening light festivals will be held during the International Horticultural Exposition 2011 Xi'an.

9. Flowers in Water- Modern Songs & Dances
A grand water stage program will be designed with the theme “Flower” for the International Horticultural Exposition 2011 Xi'an and will be presented twice daily on a regular basis. The show will express an understanding and comprehension of flowers intrinsic in the exposition's theme. Sound, light, and visual effects are given paramount importance in the program to highlight the multi-media stage art with respect to modern aesthetics.

10. Ice Show- Multi-media Songs & Dances
The International Horticultural Exposition 2011 Xi'an will present a multi-media program similar to that in the Zaragoza Spain Expo. During the six months of performance, the daily show will be guided by three different but related themes. The program is set to a background of water, integrating the performance with natural scenery in a perfect way. It also vividly demonstrates the conflict between industrial civilization and the natural environment. The theme is simple but execution is novel.

11. Float Parades Celebrating Carnival
The International Horticultural Exposition 2011 Xi'an will also hold parades twice a day on weekdays and four times on weekends and other holidays. The parades will include car parades, military music marches, costume displays of various countries, festival singing and dancing, variety shows, etc. Performers will interact with tourists during their marching, filling the air with conviviality. Such performances feature a melting pot of global elements, adopting an internationally common way of celebrating festivals and manifesting the carnival nature of this “grand global gathering”.

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