Why Kaisertour

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Why Kaisertour

Best Value
We sell direct and negotiate with suppliers through our own subsidiary in China. Savings achieved by cutting out the middlemen are significant and it is in our best interests to share the savings with you. - We guarantee our customers the best Price of "made in china".

Best Quality Assurance
Having a fully operational subsidiary of our own in China not only helps us cut cost but also boosts customer satisfaction. If anything goes wrong during your tour, you can count on our local staff to get into action immediately. In the process, the foreign tour operator e.g. in North America often loses effective control over quality.
We always deliver what we promise because we commit, so we will guarantee your travel. To sustain our guarantee we have deposited CNY1600,000 (circa USD 230, 000) with the China Tourism Administration(CNTA) which is the top official organization that handles tourists' complaints. With this guarantee we are convinced you will find our service to be second to none. Details of our official identity are available on the web site of China National Tourist Administration (CNTA), where you will find us under following URL:http://www.cnta.com/lyen/city/tianjin/2j/h03.asp  (China Comfort Tianjin International Travel Agency).

Outstanding Staff
Kaisertour has an outstanding team of dedicated China travel experts with 18 years of experience to serve you. Our team includes graduates from China's leading universities as well as travel industry veterans with decades of experience as top-rated tour guides in China. Our staff is trained to be Courteous, Professional, Experienced and dependable. We always deliver what we promise. Our experienced team of experts will ensure that all your personal requirements are fulfilled. Our position of a leading travel agency is your guarantee of quality service, an unparalleled service at an unbeatable price that ensures each dollar is well spent on customized itineraries to satisfy your individual preferences.
Our team will carefully plan every aspect of your trips, and we will be always watching over you all through out China to make sure your trip runs smoothly. We have established firm business relationship with many customers at home and abroad, and gained high reputation among them. All of our local guides in each travel destination are really well selected and trained. Our guides are open-minded, qualified and warmhearted young people who can accommodate your travel needs and provide you with on-hand knowledge of local history and culture. They are always there to make your trip a success. You can rely on us to take care of your China tours with great itinerary and great price and super qualities. China Kaisertour guarantees it!

Limited Shopping Stops
Pure shopping stops are banned on our tours and factory visits if any are clearly identified in the itineraries. However, all guides aren't allowed to make a shopping stop without agree of you, or he/she will be punished. We are working hard with our local partners with the aim to eliminate all such visits for the group travel.



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