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Q & A: Company Information
1. Are you a "virtual company" or a real company? Can I get any authoritative proof to know that you are not a virtual company but a legitimate company?
2. What is the quality guarantee for a guest traveling with Kaisertour.com?
3. What is your License No?
4. What is Kaisertour.cn?

1. Are you a "virtual company" or a real company? Can I get any authoritative proof to know that you are not a virtual company but a legitimate company?- Top
Kaisertour.com Internet Travel Service(KITS) is the online brand of China Comfort Travel(CCT) in Tianjin, a big travel agency and tour operator with 44 years of operation, about 400 employees, which provides the marketing and support for the internet based sales activityand. Its long established relationship will a vast array of local suppliers in all over China.
Please visit the web site of China National Tourist Administration (English version http://www.cnta.com/lyen/ )
You can find us under following URL:http://www.cnta.com/lyen/city/tianjin/2j/h03.asp  (China Comfort Tianjin International Travel Agency). The company data will be available when you click on the name. 

2. What is the quality guarantee for a guest traveling with Kaisertour.com? 
Our guarantee is that we have deposited RMB1, 000,000.00 (about USD147,000) at the account of the China National Tourism Administration (CNTA) as the quality guarantee for our service. CNTA is the top tourism official organization that deal with guest complains. Thus the service is guaranteed and ensured.

3. What is your License No? 
China Comfort Tianjin International Travel Agency License No. issued by Chinese government: L—TJ—GJ0004

4. What is Kaisertour.cn?
Kaisertour.cn is the same with Kaisertour.com, they are all our domainames.

Q & A: China Travel Information
1. What's the weather like in China?
2. What is high season? What is the definition for high season, shoulder season and low season?
3. When is the best time to visit China?
4. From which cities can I enter China?
5. Is Train Travel comfortable and convenient in China?
6. Do I need to bring my medical record?
7. What vaccinations do we need to travel to China and do you have any other medical suggestions?
8. On your web site, there are different kind of hotels, deluxe, comfortable and budget, what are the differences? Thanks.
9. How will our tickets to be delivered? Will we need the vouchers when checking in the hotels and ships?
10. What is the content of western breakfast and Chinese breakfast?

1. What's the weather like in China? 
Spring: April - June
Summer: June - September
Fall: Sep - October
Winter: October - March
China is almost on the same latitude zone as the US. In spring, a sweater would be more than adequate. Summer is typically hot, but most sightseeing areas are air conditioned unless in the open. Fall is usually considered the best weather. Winter is long and cold, but usually not as cold as in New York.

2. What is high season? What is the definition for high season, shoulder season and low season? 
High season refers to the part of a year when the weather conditions and other elements are very good for traveling. This means that there are more people travelling than at other times. It's the busiest time for the hotels, airlines, and travel agencies. All hotels are fully booked. The price of hotel, air tickets, etc. is comparatively higher than in other seasons.
If you plan to travel during the high season, you will need to make reservations two to three months prior to your departure date.
Definition of high season, shoulder season and low season:
High season: April, May, Sep, Oct.
Shoulder season: June, Aug.
Low season: Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar.
There are slight differences between different hotels, airlines, travel agencies in different regions. High season in Tibet is from July 1 to Oct 15. The rest of the year is considered to be low season.

3. When is the best time to visit China? 
China is a vast country with many different landscapes and climates. Thinking in terms of The United States of America which is a similar size and shape, taking the Tour (Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Guilin) would be similar to traveling to Philadelphia, Knoxville, and Southern Florida.
May, September and October are the peak tourist months at China's most popular destinations when the weather is most favourable.
Prices drop in the shoulder season, which runs from late March through April and from June through August.
The off-season arrives in late November, and continues through the winter when crowds are few and prices lower.

4. From which cities can I enter China?  
The most conventient entry and exit points for China are Beijing, Shanghai, Gunagzhou and Hong Kong; however, other places are available. There are frequent flights to and from cities in all parts of the world. You can find more specific information by consulting your preferred airline or travel advisor.

5. Is Train Travel comfortable and convenient in China? 
Traveling by train in China is one of the cheapest ways to travel some of the long distances in China and is used widely by the local population. It is generally comfortable and convenient.
There are 4 classes on Chinese Trains: Hard Seat, Soft Seat, Hard Sleeper, Soft Sleeper.
There are washrooms on the trains. The toilets, irrespective of class, are not usually very hygienic and it is a good idea to bring your own toilet paper! Boiled water is available on trains and dining cars are available on long distance routes only.
The restaurant carriage will be in middle of the train. The choice of food will be limited and only Chinese food will be available. Most local people buy food in advance or buy food from the vendors on board the trains. Food trolleys pass back and forth along the train so it is possible to eat quite cheaply. A blanket and small pillow are supplied with each bunk.
English is generally not spoken by any of the staff on the trains or in the railway stations. Limited English sign is available in the railway stations. A separate waiting lounge is available in the railway stations for passengers traveling in the soft sleeper section. Preferential boarding is available for those passengers.
Train travel in China has to be undertaken with the full knowledge that the system is designed for the local population who are familiar with the standard conditions. Trains between larger cities are always superior to those on lesser routes and will probably run close to schedule.
The system for rail reservations in China will only allow Travel Agencies including Kaisertour.com to confirm bookings 5 days prior to departure of the train. Because most of people in China choose train for travelling, the ticket of train is very difficult to buy. We do however reserve the right to change your scheduled itinerary and mode of transport if required.
If you choose to travel by train, Kaisertour.com recommends booking a soft sleeper and Soft Seats.

6. Do I need to bring my medical record? 
Yes, all travelers are recommended to take their medical records along. In the event of an emergency, your medical records will be of great assistance. The medical record should include your blood type, immunization record, allergies, and any medications you are currently taking (both prescription and non-prescription), You should also include your doctor's name, address, phone number, emergency contact name and phone number, and your insurance company's name, address and phone number.

7. What vaccinations do we need to travel to China and do you have any other medical suggestions? 
While traveling with Kaisertour.com, we take every precaution to provide a safe and healthy environment for you. We choose restaurants and hotels that are clean, safe, and we always keep your needs and interests in mind. However, here are some precautions for you to take into consideration for your trip to China.
Vaccines/Immunizations (4-6 weeks before your trip):
Vaccination is particularly recommended for those who will be traveling in smaller cities, villages, and rural areas off the usual tourist itineraries. Travelers should be cautioned that typhoid vaccination is not 100% effective and is not a substitute for careful selection of food and drink.

8.  How do you choose hotels for Superior class, deluxe/comfortable class and Middle Class?  
The Chinese hotel star are determined by China National Tourism Administration(CNTA) with a very strict standard. To get a quick idea of the hotel standard, e.g. Sheraton hotel generally has 5 stars, Holiday Inn hotel generally has 4 stars, Days Inn hotel generally has 3 stars.
In most circumstances, Kaisertour.com use hotels,
for Superior class: 5 star hotels
for Deluxe/comfortable class: 4 star hotels(or 5 star by any possibility)
for Middle Class: 3 star hotels(or 4 star by any possibility)
However, please keep in mind that, Kaisertour.com do not choose hotels for our clients only based on hotel stars, we choose hotels for our clients based on many other factors as well, for example, feed back from our clients, location of the hotels, management of the hotels, market preference of the hotels (for example, some hotels are very experienced in serving Chinese clients but not Western Guests) and so on.
In some remote areas or small towns when there are no star hotels at all or the best hotels exist there are 3 or 4 stars, we will then use the highest star hotels as Deluxe Class which can be 4 or 3 star or even less, and we will use the second class hotels for the Comfortable Class while the third class hotels as Budget hotels.
You may also find that in some remote areas or villages, we use 1 hotel for all classes, which was because that hotel is the only acceptable hotel for Kaisertour.com clients. But clients who choose deluxe Class or Comfortable class do not misunderstood that we may over charge you for this hotel. We will charge you the same price as we charge those who choose budget class for this hotel.

9. Will we need the vouchers when checking in the hotels and ships? 
Hotel reservations are usually require no voucher(except Hongkong) and you are only require to present your passport at check-in.
Yangtse River Cruises require no vouchers and the check-in procedure is similar to a hotel. You are only required to advise your name on arrival. All other details will have been provided by Kaisertour.com.

10. What is the content of western breakfast and Chinese breakfast? 
A western breakfast will usually consist of buffet that contains - breakfast cereal, fruit, eggs, sausages, bacon and bread and toasting facilities. black tea and coffee are usually available.
A Chinese will usually include a number of hot dishes such as noodles,vegetables and rice congee (porridge) and will probably also include fruit.A selection of steamed buns containing meat or beans will probably also be available. Soup and Green Tea is always available.

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