Self-driven automobiles in Tianjin Xingang

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Flying over continents to wish a brilliant Olympic Games
The German self-driven automobile tour group arrived in Tianjin Xingang Port on 7th; this community consisted of 16 cars, 31 individuals, and was organized by Kuga Travel Agency. Tianjin was their main destination, since they were going to cheer for the Olympic Games in Beijing. Our travel agency handled all the procedure, like helping them entering the port and granting them automobile liscence certifications.

Soon as the tourists arrived at Tianjin, they displayed their bands, on which the letters ”Support the Olympic Games” were written, and every car was decorated with an Olympic flag, everyone with an Olympic emblem. They also played and sang our national Ode elatedly and cheerily yesterday, as a method to wish China a perfect luck.

Travelling around the world during 80 days by self-driven automobiles. As analyzed, this tour group planned to drive all through Europe, Asian and North America in 80 days to enjoy a one week trip around the world. Thegroup was composed of 28 German, as well as 3 Swiss, at the age averagely above 50, and most of them had already retired from their jobs.   The type of Their automobiles was generally “Renault Roadmaster ”.

This tour group set off from Germany in late May, travelled through San francisco, New York , Tianjin, Datong, Erenhot, Ulan Bator and Moscow etc ; enjoyed a journey all over Europe, Asia and North America. They were scheduled to leave Tianjin for Germany today, and would be back in three weeks. They were willing to renew the record for travelling-around–the world in 80 days.  Before they left for Germany, they had enjoyed a favorable tour in 15 cities, including Shanghai and Beijing. Many tourists said that they would study Chinese after they were back home, in order to travel in China once more in the future.
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