Tiananmen Square 天安门广场

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Tiananmen Square:   

The heart of modern China beats in Tiananmen(literally, Gate of Heavenly Peace) Square, the symbol of the People’s Republic and the center of Beijing’s landmarks. The flagstones of Tiananmen cover a staggering 440,000 square meters, enough space for a gathering of a million people. The Tiananmen Gate Tower sites at the north while the Five-Star Red Flag and the Monument to the People’s Heroes dominates the center. It was named after the Tian'anmen which stands on its north side, separating it from the Forbidden City. As the site of several key events in Chinese history, it has iconic significance as a cultural symbol.

Over several hundred years, many meetings and demonstrations are held here making it a place where history is made. The Square is listed as one of Beijing’s top tourist spots attracting tens of thousands of people daily. Used as a mass gathering place since its inception, the level surface is broken only by the 38-meter high Monument to the People's Heroes completed in 1958, and the Mausoleum of Mao Zedong completed in 1977. The square lies between two ancient, massive gates: the Tian'anmen to the north and the Zhengyangmen, better known as Qianmen, to the south. Along the west side of the Square is the Great Hall of the People. Along the east side is the National Museum of China (currently under renovation). Chang'an Avenue, which is used for parades, lies between the Tian'anmen and the Square. Trees line its eastern and western borders, but the square itself is open, with neither trees nor benches.

Everyday during sunrise and sunset, you can see the ceremony of raising and lowering the national flag at Tiananmen Square. It is a must-see so get there early since there are always crowds of people waiting to see this. During the October 1st, national Independence Day, it becomes a even bigger event definitely worth seeing if you happen to be in Beijing!


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