Work of Tour Guide Qualification Examination in Changchun City Entered a New Stage

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Work of Tour Guide Qualification Examination in Changchun City Entered a New Stage
2008-11-5 14:49:03 Tourist Information Center of Jilin Province

Changchun Tourism Training Center (Changchun Tour Guide Management and Service Center) (hereafter referred to as "the Center"), which is subordinate to Tourism Bureau of Changchun City, is responsible for the National Tour Guide Qualification Examination and training work at Changchun; meanwhile, the Center also undertakes works such as education and training for tourism employees, pre-post training for tour guides, training for annual examination, registration and management of informal tour guides, change and issuing of tour guide certificate, work recommendation, service assessment, etc. at Changchun.
In order to meet requirements of the fast-growing tourism industry, the Center focuses on key tourism work of Changchun. Starting from the training for a tour guide team of high qualities, the Center continuously increased focus on tour guide examination, training and management, lead the work of tour guide qualification examination, training and management onto a standardized and scientific track in Changchun.
On-site enrolling method through "outdoor office" had been used to enroll examinees since the establishment of the Center. Staff of the Center had visited more than 10 institutes, including Tour College of Changchun University, Jilin Huaqiao Foreign Languages Institute, they also held "National Tour Guide Qualification Examination Instruction Conference", answering questions students raised related to the examination; at the same time, the Center pays special attention to communication and popularization of the examination through Changchun tourist network and media. Based on the principle of work for examinees, guarantee quality, organize reasonably and strictly follow the rules, the Center invited the best experts and professors in Jilin Province to give classes to examinees. Through enthusiastic services in various ways, the work of National Tour Guide Qualification Examination gradually became mature and consummate. The accumulative total number of examinees is 7,380, among whom 2,733 passed the examination.
A large number of person with excellent abilities obtained the National Tour Guide Certificate through the qualification examination, this does not only enable them to work as tour guides throughout China, which greatly improved their working ability and opportunities, but also relieved the urgent need for tour guides for the fast-growing tourism industry in Changchun, and primarily satisfied demands of the "golden week" tourism, ice festival tourism, summer festival tourism, exposition tourism and busy summer tourism.
This year, the Center offered five pre-examination training courses at Tour College of Changchun University, Jilin Huaqiao Foreign Languages Institute and Changchun Commerce & Tour School, which all succeeded. On September 27, 2008 National Tour Guide Qualification Examination was held in Beihai Elementary School of Changchun City. 1,905 examinees took the written examination, among them, 1,366  Chinese examination, 226 English examination, 75 Korean examination, 14 Japanese examination, 19 Russian examination, 15 French examination, 14 German examination, 17 Spanish examination and 60 bilingual examination. Written examinations were well organized and orders were strictly followed during the examinations. Work for oral examinations will be finished before the end of November. (By Zhao Ruoying, Wang Zhe from Tourism Bureau of Changchun City)